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15 Jun 2018 5:43 PM | Carroll D McHenry (Administrator)

Today, June 15, 2018, we are announcing the formal launch of our CLUB FOR A REFORMED AMERICAN REPUBLIC (C-FARAR). We are a nonpartisan Political Action Club dedicating ourselves to:

1. Reformation and restoration of our U.S. Congress, one Representative and one Senator at a time, to its fully equal status with that of the Presidency.

2. Reigning in the Imperial Presidency to one more closely aligned with the intent of the founders of this great republic.

3. Reforming our republic in ways which will bring our systems of governance to a more democratic, balanced and unified system for the 21st century.

On this date in 1215, the Imperial King of England was persuaded to sign the Magna Carta, thus giving birth to a system of governance which began the empowerment of the people and ultimately leading to establishment of democratic republicanism in Britain. It was in large part the principles embodied therein which led some 550 years later to the establishment of the democratic republic of the United States of America.

When formed, The United States of America became the world's greatest experiment in democratic republicanism. And we Americans have been evolving our great but imperfect republic ever since via extension of human, civil and voting rights to most of our citizens. It remains the greatest system on earth, yet it still requires work to fully implement the vision of our founders to secure the full benefits of liberty and justice for all Americans. 

It is to the effort to further evolve our systems that we are dedicating ourselves. While our efforts to reform and improve our republic pale in comparison to those others before us, we believe now is the time for our generation to fully dedicate ourselves to the effort.

We invite you to join us. More to come. Watch this space.   



  • 22 Jun 2018 6:58 PM | Aratus P Americusa
    Quite an appropriate time for someone to engage such an effort. You're signing up for quite the chore! Good luck. I'll be thinking of ways I can support and help. And encouraging others to do the same.
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