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The Bylaws of C-FARAR

Club For A Reformed American Republic


This Part I is a summary of the most important bylaws adopted by the Board of Directors of C-FARAR to govern the operations of this Non-Profit SuperPac which operates under the rules of the Federal Election Commission and as a 501(c)(4) under rules established by the US Internal Revenue Service. The specific, detailed and legally adopted Bylaws of C-FARAR may by found as Part II below.

Summary of Key Provisions:

  1. C-FARAR is the legal name of this NonProfit Corporation originally organized in the state of Texas.
  2. The Purposes of C-FARAR are to:
    1. engage in social welfare, public education and political activities under section 501(c)(4) of IRS regulations and the rules for SuperPacs established by the Federal Election Commission.
    2. amass, organize and utilize financial and human resources in support of the public policies and agenda outlined in C-FARAR’s positions described in and available on this website under ‘What We Are For’, ‘Programs and Activities’, and ‘Position Papers and/or Issue Papers’ and also other information available on this website.
  3. C-FARAR was founded in and is currently operated from Dallas, Texas.
  4. All assets of C-FARAR are irrevocably dedicated for non-profit purposes.
  5. There are currently three(3) classes of members of C-FARAR.
    1. Regular members are called Class A members and participate in the activities of C-FARAR’S local chapters as they are formed in each Congressional District. Class A members pay monthly dues and participate in their chapter’s selection of its leaders, programs, priorities and activities. Sixty(60) percent of all dues paid by Class A members and funds raised specifically in the local CD Chapter are utilized in their home Congressional District with another 10% utilized in their home state.
    2. The Founder, President and CEO is a Class B member and becomes a member of each Chapter’s governing entity to assure compliance with all federal laws governing the operations of SuperPacs.
    3. From time to time the President and CEO may appoint a limited number of Class C members who do not pay dues, do not vote in Chapter affairs but serve in other capacities designated by the President and CEO. These Class C members will normally have other specific qualifications and/or contributions of value to C-FARAR.
  6. C-FARAR is governed by a Board of Directors of up to 13 members with up to 8 of these elected by the Class A members. Directors receive no pay for their services on the Board.
  7. Initially there are 3 officers of C-FARAR.....President and CEO, Treasurer and CFO, and Vice President and Secretary. The President and CEO may  from time to time serve also as the Treasurer. Officers receive no compensation for their services to C-FARAR, but may be reimbursed for Out of Pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the corporation.
  8. Officers and Directors do receive indemnification for their services to this nonprofit corporation as is normal for entities such as C-FARAR.
  9. The books and records of C-FARAR will be kept on an annual cash basis and published to members quarterly after filings with the FEC.
  10. Funding of the corportion’s operations is from member dues, donations and other contributions allowed under Federal Election laws. Funds raised by local chapters from dues and other means will be utilized approximately as follows: 60% for local Chapter activities, 10% for State activities, 10% for Regional activities and 20% for the activities and administration of the National/Parent Corporation.



You may read the details of these bylaws in the attached PDF document.

Download Complete Bylaws Document

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