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A Non-Partisan Political Club.........Acting Together To: 

       Reform Our Political Leadership & Governance         


Our 2023-2024 Priorities Include:


(1) Reform the Senate: Replace all Senators up for reelection in 2024 who enabled Trump's sedition in 2020-2021 and his incitement of an attack on our democracy and our Capitol Jan. 6, 2021.

(2) Reform Congressional Rules: Pass this....... 'Neither the Senate nor the House shall have any rule preventing a 45% minority from bringing any issue to the floor for debate within 30 days of introduction, nor shall there be any rule in either house requiring greater than 55% majority to bring any issue to a vote'.

(3) Amend the Constitution to require full financial disclosure including balance sheet of assets and liabilities, (domestic and foreign), and most recent 10 years history of US tax returns for any candidate to qualify for the Presidency, Vice Presidency and the Senate.

(4) Defend our national security, individual liberties and greater justice for all by ELECTING LEADERS who will REFORM our governance systems.



Demand that members of both parties and both houses of Congress work together to.....

  • Hold the Presidency accountable to act in the interests of all Americans and avoid personal conflicts of interest whether domestic or foreign
  • Have Congress act as a true co-equal branch in formulation of overall foreign policy goals and strategies in matters of vital national security. Especially when engaging in 'Acts of War' in pursuit of those goals
  • Pursue policies which protect our lives, liberties, health and safety through diplomacy and economic power without threats of war and use of WOMD.
  • Enact laws which manage our nation’s fiscal affairs, economy and debt in a balanced and just way for all citizens and for future generations, not just today's rich and powerful
  • Enact laws guaranteeing equal standing and opportunity regarding human, health, civil, voting and economic rights

Hold Congressional Representatives and Senators accountable for support of our priorities as prerequisite for our support in 2023-24 ....especially those who refused to hold Trump accountable for his excesses

 Replace all Senators who failed to hold Trump accountable in 2020 with those who have the character, competence, judgment, and courage to lead Americans in a more centrist, democratic, solution oriented governance


and further democratize and rebalance our democratic republican form of government and our capitalist economic system to one which delivers fairness, opportunity, reward and justice to all citizens of this great American Republic

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We need  your intellect, time, energy and some of your financial resources to achieve our aims.   BECOME AN ACTIVE MEMBER NOW.

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