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JOIN US and...

  • Join our effort to REFORM Presidential election laws to require full financial disclosure by candidates to better inform voters re conflicts of interest. 
  • Push to REFORM Congress and see it be a true co-equal branch of government again and provide a real check on the overgrown Imperial Presidency. 
  • See 60% of your dues spent in your Congressional District(CD); and 20% in the 2020 US Senate election in Texas 
  • Meet and work with others in our local Chapter in your CD pursuing objectives you help set and can agree with.
  • Participate in electing your Chapter’s leaders, setting its priorities and implementing its activities and budgets


  • Support the purposes of C-FARAR
  • Abide by the governing rules embodied in our Bylaws (Read Here)
  • Pay Membership dues, currently $16.50 monthly, established by our Board
  • Have the facts of your membership, dues and other contributions be transparent knowledge to the public and to the Federal Election Commission.


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