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Requiring Candidates for President and VP to disclose for public scrutiny all personal assets, liabilities, sources of income and other legally documented relationships, domestic and/or foreign. Let Voters decide any potential conflicts of interest with the Duties of the Presidency.


  • Make it a constitutional DUTY OF CONGRESS, not just the right, to consider and either authorize or disapprove ALL ACTS OF WAR ordered by the President.
  • Require each newly elected Congress to produce a SIX YEAR PLAN to BALANCE RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES of the national government,  including interest on the national debt. Provide that Congress may only suspend this requirement with 2/3 vote.
  • A 21st Century CIVIL RIGHTS--EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT guaranteeing full civil rights and equality for every citizen regarding life, liberty, privacy, access to healthcare, voting, and  educational and economic opportunity. 
  • UNDO CITIZENS UNITED with an Amendment asserting that all rights granted under the Constitution apply to living persons and shall apply to non living persons, such as corporations or other legal entities, only to the extent approved in law by Congress. 
  • END GERRYMANDERING --real one person/one vote for representation in federal and state legislatures.
  • 55/45 RULES. REFORM the rules for both houses of CONGRESS providing that 45% can always bring an issue up for a vote and that no greater than 55% shall be required to pass any issue, except for those provided in the Constitution itself.
  • FURTHER DEMOCRATIZE THE SENATE (and thus the Electoral College) by adding a third Senator in each of the 10 largest states by population.
  • Provide that the SUPREME COURT shall always be 9 justices; that no vacancies may last greater than 120 days; and that Consent of the Senate for any new Supreme Court Justice must be at least 55%.
  • RESTATE THE SECOND AMENDMENT providing that CONGRESS shall have the authority to DEFINE and REGULATE the type, quantity and ownership of MILITARY ARMAMENTS.


  • The Senate should change its rules to require 55% vote to consent to the appointment, or allow removal by the President, of the Attorney General of the US, Secretary of the Department of Defense and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. 
  • Congress should pass legislation by at least 2/3 vote declaring it in our national interest to negotiate international agreements regarding control, nonproliferation, and ultimate elimination of armaments such as nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.
  • Congress should pass legislation declaring it in our national interest to negotiate international agreements regarding the mitigation of human effects on climate change as it affects our national security.
  • Congress should pass legislation affirming its goals for international trade agreements and directing the executive branch to pursue such goals in its trade negotiations.
  • Congress should pass legislation establishing national education and training requirements to enhance the American workforce's global competitiveness.
  • Reform national education programs to require (a) increased high school focus on our democratic system and (b) tuition free public junior college and trade school programs.
  • Congress should pass legislation extending existing healthcare programs so as to achieve Universal Healthcare Coverage
  • Real tax reform—revenue neutral but reduce tax rates on middle class and small business and increase tax rates on larger business and upper income bracket
  • Reform national tax and welfare assistance programs such that poverty and hunger is alleviated in the American public.
  • Reform national safety net programs, especially Social Security, to an actuarially sound basis for the next 50 years.
  • Comprehensive reform of our nation's Immigration and Naturalization Laws.

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