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Electing a Congress which will pursue our reform agenda

Our democratic Republic faces many serious challenges. Our systems of governance badly need reform, and we are working for the reforms described below.

Setting priorities is always tough, but we believe national security, peace vs war, and physical safety must always be first.

Accordingly we are for:

  • Diplomacy First. War only as a last resort. Reform the 1973 WAR POWERS ACT to require
    • Prior Congressional approval of Offensive Acts of War ordered by the President (Read Syria, Iran, North Korea)
    • Congressional approval within 10 days of any previously unauthorized Defensive Acts of War ordered by the President
    • Congressional approval of any continuing Acts of War engaged in by our country (Read Afghanistan)
    • These laws must apply to overt, covert or cyber operations whether by military, intelligence or other forces. (Read Niger)
    • Submit this to the states as a Constitutional Amendment.

Secure and protect our liberties and civil rights from militaristic/authoritarian governance by...

  • Let voters judge whether Candidates for President have conflicts of interest. Let’s amend the Constitution to require disclosure of financial, contractual and personal entanglements, domestic and foreign, by Candidates for President and Vice President.
  • Enact tight new laws guaranteeing civilian control over the departments of Defense, Homeland Security and the National Guard when it is ‘federalized’.
  • Enact tight new laws guaranteeing independence of the Department of Justice and further tightening the oversight of that department by Congress; i.e. Senate concurrence of Presidential firing or other removal of the Attorney General.
  • Enact gun ownership laws which make it clear that 'a well regulated Militia' as provided for in the Second Amendment means the National Guard and that individual ownership and use of military weapons must be licensed and regulated in the interest of law enforcement and public safety.
  • Reform our Criminal Justice System to correct obvious wrongs and injustices in the current outcomes for minorities
  • Comprehensive reform of our Immigration and Naturalization laws to strengthen control of our borders, reform the work permits and visa programs, reform employer responsibilities, and provide reasonable pathways to citizenship for immigrants
  • A simple straight forward new Civil Rights/Equal Rights Amendment which guarantees equal standing, treatment and economic opportunity for every citizen without regard to gender, gender preference, sexual orientation, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religious preference or no preference.
  • Reform our current healthcare systems....including laws governing Employer Provided Systems, Medicaid, Medicare, Children's Health programs, Veterans Care Systems, as well as The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) so as to seamlessly extend access universally to all citizens regardless of age, economic standing or health circumstances.
  • Reform Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment programs to preserve their nature as social safety nets but put them on a firm financial actuarial footing for two generations.
  • A Constitutional Amendment requiring each newly elected Congress to adopt, during its first year in office, a six(6) year projection of total receipts and expenditures of the Federal government, including interest on the national debt, which projects balanced cash flow in year six(6). Congress should be required during its second year to adopt an appropriations budget which conforms to the projections of its six year plan. Further, this amendment should provide that Congress may only suspend these requirements by 2/3 vote of both houses.
  • Real simple, revenue neutral, Tax Reform which reduces the tax rates on the middle class and small businesses and shifts a greater share of the tax burden to upper economic groups and to larger businesses.
  • Reform the federal Department of Education to devolve more control over programs to the states but add laws requiring greater emphasis in high school on our democratic systems of governance. Add laws which provide for two years tuition free attendance at public community colleges, junior colleges, trade schools and technical schools.
  • An end to or significant curbs on the ‘decidedly undemocratic’ 206 year old practice called Gerrymandering. (We recommend that every voter, regardless of party, read the book RAT F**KED and see just how far away we are from ‘one person-one vote’).
  • Amend the Constitution to provide that all rights granted in this Constitution shall apply to living human persons and that any rights of property in any form shall be only those specifically granted by Congress, thus effectively overturning and replacing the Citizens United decision by the Court.
  • Further democratize our Republic and our Electoral College. Expand the Senate to 110 members by adding one new Senator to each of the 10 largest states by population.
  • Further democratize the Congress by adoption of a rule providing that no issues before either house may require greater than 55% vote, other than those in the Constitution, and that any issue garnering at least 45% support must be brought to a floor vote within 60 Days.
  • A Constitutional Amendment mandating the Supreme Court consist of nine justices, that any vacancy must be filled within 120 days and that confirmation requires 55% vote of the Senate.


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