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12 Sep 2018 2:38 PM | Carroll D McHenry (Administrator)

In this writer's opinion Trumpism represents the gravest threat to our republic and our liberties since the end of the Civil War! Quite a statement I know. But consider this.

The creation of our republic subsequent to the Revolutionary War was in large part to establish the rule of law, bind the states into a permanent union, prevent the return of autocratic rule and provide the means of common defense of the American republic.  The Civil War was fought to right the wrong of slavery ensconced in the Constitution and to assure that America would remain one united nation under the rule of law with liberty and justice for all Americans. 

Yet today, maybe more than at any time since, America's very existence, indeed of all nations, is at risk by inadvertent nuclear war which emanates from ill-advised, ignorant, impulsive, self- serving and reckless actions by America's Commander-in-Chief, President Trump. And America is threatened from within by Trump. Our liberties are being threatened, our Congress is being by-passed, our elections have been interfered with, Americans are being divided rather than united, and the rule of law is being steadily undermined by Trump. 

Trump, and those in Congress who continue to enable his actions, are responsible for this cancer on our democratic republican institutions and the risks to our republic.

Trump endangers national security regularly by reckless decisions and actions when he:

     -risks greater proliferation of nuclear weapons

     -engages in ill-advised, self aggrandizing 'pr' negotiations

     -takes the word of leaders of our adversaries over that of the best information from all our intelligence agencies

     -damages relations with allies needed to help protect the world's free and democratic nations and institutions

     -wages war in many areas without Congressional authority         

Trump endangers the institutions that unite and defend our union. He does this by undermining:

     - the rule of law

     -our department of justice and its agencies

     -our intelligence and counterintelligence agencies

     -our free press 

Trump first invites and then acquiesces in foreign intervention in our elections......maybe even aiding and abetting those foreigners.

Trump divides rather than unites Americans by:

     -insulting, attacking and attempting to destroy any who dare oppose his autocratic actions

     -encouraging the most radical and divisive groups in our body politic and their attacks on anyone different than them

And he wraps all of this in lies, lies,lies............and threats of autocratic actions.

YET MANY LEADERS OF CONGRESS ACQUIESCE IN TRUMPISM.  They seem to do this to insure their own political power and to achieve temporary rewards for their political donors. It seems to this writer that their concern for our country, its security and its values takes second place to their lust for regular re-election. They seem to think that if they 'appease the beast' we can all win in the end. How many times must politicians learn that this isn't so? History from the fall of the Roman Republic into autocracy until the 20th century has proven that appeasement of autocrats destroys republics

We, the people of America, must act and act soon to stop Trumpism and its corroding effects on our republic. If Trumpism and its enablers win this struggle for the soul of America, there will be precious little time to constrain him or to stop him before his re-election campaign in 2020.

Let's oppose all those complicit in Trumpism and encourage all those who will stand up to him. We can set about immediately thereafter undoing the damage done so far. This is our best chance. Let's stop him now in 2019 and DUMP TRUMP and all that he stands for in 2020.  


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