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Laborers R Us!

31 Aug 2018 3:18 PM | Carroll D McHenry (Administrator)

Let's celebrate the opportunity America has given each of us to.......... labor at whatever we choose........ be that bookkeeper, chemist, designer, editor, flight attendant, graphic artist, home health aide, interpreter, janitor, librarian, mason, neurologist, pr specialist, receptionist, secretary, teacher, union organizer, veterinarian, writer, youth counselor, architect, bartender, claims adjuster, dental hygienist, electrician, LPN, manager, mechanic, occupational therapist, plumber, social media manager, bank teller, waiter, court reporter, engineer, RN, systems engineer, paramedic, accountant, doctor, lawyer or any one of dozens of other pursuits. 

I believe this is truer in America than any other place on earth. But I also believe this personal economic freedom is at risk as the result of governance by elected officials who put the interests of themselves, their next election and their financial supporters ahead of the interests of 'we the people' and ahead of their committment to their oaths of office.

So, this Labor Day Weekend, let's all also ask ourselves: What are we prepared to give back to America right now, this election season, when so much of what we have worked for, this democratic republican America, and what we value most...... liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness for All, is on the line. 

I hope you'll consider joining us here at c-farar and work with us this election season. But more than anything else, I urge you to 'labor hard' during this election to see that we have better representation in Washington for the values we all hold close to our political hearts.

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