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Guess What Day It (almost) Is! B'Day Of Women's RTV!

17 Aug 2018 5:22 PM | Carroll D McHenry (Administrator)

This post is to celebrate the full citizenship won for my wife, two sisters, five sisters-in-law, three daughters, two daughters-in-law, four granddaughters and many millions of other women......won by hundreds of thousands of women (and men) who WORKED tirelessly for decades to achieve passage of the 19th Amendment 98 years ago. An achievement so important that I call it establishment of the 5th American Republic. Here's one 'OLD WHITE GUY' who encourages the women in my life and indeed all women to vote every time you get a chance and vote only for politicians who will COMMIT to finally granting you EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS such as EQUAL PAY and nondiscrimination in every component of your life such as religion, healthcare and childcare. Yes, Lady Liberty, opened in 1886 some 34 years before passage of the 19th, is a woman. But her promise of liberty for all remains incomplete for many. I hope you will go out and WIN a new Equal Rights-Civil Rights Amendment to the Constitution and guarantee for yourself and future generations fairer treatment in our system than many of you have experienced. And there's no time like right now.....this election cycle..... to do just that. Let's get going!   

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