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We're At War(s)!!! (Though Undeclared)

12 Aug 2018 8:29 PM | Carroll D McHenry (Administrator)

We have seemingly endless war in almost 17 years! Continuing acts of war in Iraq. And Syria. And Yemen. Et al. Yet Congress dawdles!

Threats of war against North Korea are followed by a 'Public Relations' agreement which is already being flaunted by North Korea leaving our President's bluff effectively called. Then he undoes the best peaceful solution to the nuclear threat posed by Iran. This is followed by more threats of war against Iran. Congress continues to dawdle!

Are all these wars truly necessary? Are they justified? Are they worth the loss of life, limb and treasure? Is it truly in our national security interest to continue to fight these wars?

We the people don't really know because our Congress refuses to even debate these acts of war. Congress won't even bring these wars up for consideration. Perhaps all these acts of war are indeed truly necessary. But are you willing to let the most dangerous, impulsive and self aggrandizing President in our history make these decisions solely on his own?

In the last 70 years since the Truman administration, Congress has risen to the occasion only a few times to do its constitutional duty regarding war making. Once in 1973 it actually passed legislation to constrain 'imperial' Presidents who go beyond their Article 2 powers and engage in warfare without the declaration of Congress to do so. But shortly thereafter it appears that Congress backed away. Do we believe the current Congress will act to reinvigorate the War Powers Act of 1973? There is no evidence that we can see that this Congress will.

The world is too dangerous for us to allow this to continue! We must rise up at the ballot box in November and elect a Congress who will act as a co-equal to the President and demand a national strategy to use our economic strength alongside that of our allies to negotiate reasonable ends to these conflicts.

We implore readers of this commentary to do all you can to hold your Congressional representatives accountable to their oaths of office and demand that they act to constrain this dangerous President and Commander in Chief.

We invite you to consider joining us in our plans to do the same. We will be more successful together than apart.     

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