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Constitutional War Powers Remain Unclear and Abused

02 Aug 2018 7:03 PM | Carroll D McHenry (Administrator)

Our Second American Republic, established upon ratification of our current Constitution in June, 1788 left many issues to be resolved by future amendments, which we have now done 27 times. But clarification of actual 'war making' powers has never been fully achieved, as current events are now making obvious.

In the face of overwhelming evidence of 'acts of cyber warfare' against our country by a foreign adversary, our current President and our current Congress have not yet taken firm action to respond to these acts and defend our country against these attacks. The responsibility for this inaction lies primarily with the President and Leadership of Congress, but every elected representative in Washington bears responsibility for not speaking up and demanding defense of our country. What is your Congressional Representative and Senator doing about these attacks against you and yours?

We the people must ACT. We must demand that our leaders defend us. And if they don't, then we need to replace them with representatives who will. And we must do this at our earliest opportunity. Oh, say can you see(say) November? Our two political parties are failing us by becoming polarized into inaction except against each other. So, we the voters must yank them together and into action to adequately defend our democratic republican systems against those who seek to destroy them.

Please read our Position Paper No. 1 presented elsewhere in this website; then join us so as to bring all the public and voting pressure we can to bear on electing new, more responsive representatives and to start the process of long term reform which can come by amending the War Powers Act of 1973 and ultimately amending our Constiturion to make it a Constitutional Duty and requirement that Congress act in the face of clear and present dangers.

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